Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Update: Woggy #7 Complete!!

Chalk up another win for democracy folks, Woggy #7 has been completed!!

I Can Check Off The Final Items From My List:
x get dressed November 4th morning in my voting socks (see left)
x go to my polling center down the block and vote! (see below)

It was a largely happy event for me, but filled with mixed emotions. I was happy to be participating in this important election. I was overjoyed to see my polling place full to the brim with my neighbors, who were not only participating in voting, but also joining me in actually performing the satisfying communal act of voting in person (which is not the standard in my county). I was joyful to share my fabulous voting socks and matching outfit with the voting populace. I was excited to think my candidates and issues might win.

However, I was quite sad and wistful to realize that unless I move to another state, I will never again participate in normal poll voting. As you may not actually be able to see from the sticker on my lapel (it says "farewell to polls"), this is indeed the last day for widespread poll voting in my county, which until now was one of two final holdouts in my state. You can read a nice rant about this topic here, or if you prefer, hear a wonderful paean to poll voting in Seattle here. Farewell, fair election polls! I loved ye well!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Woggy #11: NaNo High-Seas Adventure Novel!

As I mentioned previously with Woggy #5, being a participant in National Novel Writing Month means that my entire month of November is devoted to the attempt to begin a new novel and complete 50,000 words of said novel. Well folks, the month is November and that means the day of commencement is today!!

In discussions with other Wrimos (yes, that's what we call ourselves), I have noticed that most others participating in this event seem to like to do alot of preparation and planning ahead of time. Most have a title, main character, plot outline, etcetera, ready to go by the time the day of actual novel writeage rolls around. I, on the other hand, prefer to dive headfirst into this adventure every November not knowing which way the wind will take me. I intentionally did no preparation whatsoever. My first serious thoughts to my novel's topic were this morning, when my muse informed me that this month, we would be writing another fabulous novel in the adventure genre, this time with a socially dysfunctional crew aboard a ship far asea. I have some character names, and just hours ago came up with the ship's name itself, but other than what I've previously said I know little else about this novel other than it will involve alot of fear and somewhere will involve some rubber ducks (as is the custom for Wrimos from Seattle to always include this last somewhere in their stories). Being a water-based adventure, it seems including the ducks should be a rather easy task this year.

So, it is true, I have thus far written a mere 143 words of my novel. (But, as I add to my goal, the above widget will change to reflect my current updated total.) Much of the rest of my "novel" time today has been spent doing my planning, updating my NaNo page with my plans, setting up my whiteboard wordcount tracker, choosing my fabulous novel's cover photo (you see it above), and creating a sea shanty radio station on Pandora to inspire me while I write. My last bit of non-novelesque activity lies in this very blog post you read right now. I expect the intense novelage should be commencing within an hour or so, as that should be just about the time I run out of believable distractions.

Things Left To Complete This Woggy Project:
  • write 1,667 words of my story
  • repeat above each day of November
  • dance a salty seamen's jig when I reach 50K
  • set a new goal, post-November -- complete the novel