Monday, May 18, 2009

Update: Woggies #1 and #3

Woggy #1 Update: BC Trip Scrapbook

I can now check some items off my Woggy To-do list:

X wait for photos and scrapbook cover,etc. to be delivered
X plan scrapbook layout
X create any needed text or other related content
X paste up first 7 days of trip

Things left to complete this woggy project:

  • paste up remaining 5 days of trip
  • punch holes in the pages
  • assemble scrapbook
  • clean up the disaster zone left behind by this project
  • sit back on my couch with my scrapbook and reminisce about my fab tripLink

Woggy #3 Update: Learning Calculus

As often happens with true progress, the latest burst of activity towards completing this woggy came in a completely inadvertent and unexpected fashion. Having finally moved into the 21st century by getting an iPod nano for my birthday, I was looking to try out all of its various features, and stumbled across the iTunes U section of the store, in particular the completely free Calculus class offered by MIT's open courseware. So I figured what the heck, why not download? Of course as the entire point of me visiting the store that day was to find some sort of content other than music for my nano, as a test run to see if I could figure out how to make everything work properly, I had to upload the first lecture and try it out to see how everything worked. So before I knew it there I was sitting in my living room, watching the tiniest professor in the world give me a first day intro lecture all about derivatives. Once it was over I suddenly realized, hey! Look at that I've started learning Calculus finally!

I can now check some items off my Woggy To-do list:

X order calculus video class
X actually begin watching calculus class
X finish watching Lecture 1 (and understanding it!)

Things left to complete this woggy project:
  • download and print out supplemental materials for this class
  • watch, take notes and do any problems required for Lectures 2 - 16
  • donate some money to MIT's open coursework program for goodness sakes!
  • download the second Calculus class in the series
  • repeat steps 1 & 2 for second class
  • go and read all those physics chapters I couldn't read before I understood Calc!