Monday, September 28, 2009

Update: Woggy #1 is complete!

While it's possible I expended as many hours involved in this project as I did on the actual trip it is commemorating, I am happy to say that much to my surprise, my BC trip scrapbook is finally, actually finished!

While I had been progressing on this project in a couple of fits and starts since my last official update here, the most significant work stoppage happened when I ran out of photo corners a couple months ago, and didn't know exactly where to I'd be able to easily get some more. Several trips around town on foot later, I gave up on the supporting local business angle and just ordered a bunch in the mail. By the time they arrived of course, my enthusiasm for finishing the project had ebbed.

So, all of the scrapbook project materials had been sitting in a neatly organized pile under one of our living room chairs for a few months before I picked it up again the other evening. By this point in time, the scrapbook project had two things going for it: one, the actual vacation itself had passed the year anniversary point, increasing my desire to finish it, and two, my husband has been away on a work trip, leaving me with large blocks of idle time in the evenings with no conversation or activity to fill them. The tedium part of the handiwork was helped by Mr. Erroll Flynn, Robert Osborne, and a bunch of their old friends. I emerged from a haze of sea voyages, royalty, and scrapbooking sometime later that night with a complete stack of pages, beginning to end, and a really, REALLY big mess on my living room floor.

All that was left at this point was to procure a more efficient means of hole-punchery than the little hand-held object currently in my possession. But things worked out in favor of that as well, as I already had some other shopping to do in the general vicinity of the office supply store (where I was surprised to find they had a huge array of hole-punching options for me to choose from). Last evening I finished off the punching and binding, and could hardly believe my eyes looking at the actual finished project. It really did come out much like I had originally envisioned.

So, now all that's left is the cleaning up part, which I suppose technically means this project isn't completely finished yet, but since I do actually plan on taking care of that in an hour or two, I'm going to go ahead and rule that part as virtually completed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Update: Woggy #16 Complete!

The day before I left for my trip, a miracle happened: we received a call from the shipping company that our new bed frame was in town and wanted to drop by and see us. An even greater miracle: while I was busy hiking across the countryside of Pennsylvania, my husband defended the home front by fearlessly battling crate, box, and hex wrench to create the wonder you now see pictured here.

I came home to a completed bed! A years-long woggy has finally come to a close...

And hey, doesn't our new bed look great?!

Oh, and since we are all about process here at Woggy Enterprises, here's the in-progress view showing this woggy over the past couple weeks, prior to the complete bed pictured above...

Items I can check off my Woggy To-do list:

X wait for shipment of our bed
X put our new bed together
X say, "Hey, doesn't our new bed look great?!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Went out for a walk...

Over the past month, I was preparing for, going on, and then recovering from, a very long walk. 70 miles, to be exact. My completion of this task could be said to have been a major woggy project of its own, had I the wherewithal in the flurry of my planning to actually have posted it here previously.

The full walk was originally supposed to theoretically be 55 miles, but ended up being about 80, ten of which I did not participate in on day 6 (of 8) due to foot issues. But if there's nothing we've learned here in woggsville, it is that incomplete success is success nonetheless. And as I did begin at the beginning, and end at the end, and I did actually walk seventy miles, which is more than most can claim to have accomplished, and overcame many personal emotional challenges along the way, I have deemed the whole of this experience to have been an unqualified personal success.

The walk itself was and is part of a larger art project thought up by my genius artist sister, who has a project website about it, a blog of her thoughts and musings, and a photo album. I encourage you to check them all out.