Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Woggy #25: Flower & Tree

As some of you may know, and others may be completely unaware, I have been running a fan website based on a character in the Nintendo game Animal Crossing for about three and a half years now. My upkeep of this site, as well as the population of my followers, has ebbed and flowed over that time, though until recently had been at a fairly slow and steady rate. I continued to provide content, and my most stalwart fans continued to follow me, with an occasional new fan showing up every now and then.

Round about August of last year, I decided that, while my site had served a pretty good run, and I still had a dedicated fan or two who was still following all my updates in earnest, it was probably time to retire from this endeavor. However, I resolved that I wasn't going to do it in the way I had often seen other sites come and go, which is to say that one day their creator just disappeared, leaving their site and any continuity it was following hanging in the air indefinitely for all internet eternity. Especially in the case of my site, where I had carefully laid out and been continuing to evolve a storyline of sorts. Specifically, I had created a pseudo political cause, with an archenemy and a rebellion which had been growing in its success and popularity. Certainly I couldn't just leave that hanging without some sort of positive, hopeful conclusion!

So, at that time, I wrote down specifically where I'd like things to head in terms of the storyline of my character and of the site itself. I broke things down to a manageable 2 or 3-phase update process, and initiated phase one. However, that's as far as I got, and my site has been sitting in limbo ever since.

I still have my notebook of bullet points sitting here, and a folder full of in-game photos I shot for use in my "last update". And I still intend to finish this someday soon, so as to give all of my fans a hopeful and inspiring ending, as well as creating a satisfactory point of stasis for the site, a position where it could sit frozen for all posterity and still seem like a complete "work" (if a website could at any point be said to be a "work" anyway). I feel it's the least I can do to all the years of effort I put towards this endeavor, and even more importantly, the least I can offer to all of the wonderful fans of my site who surfaced over the past couple of years, who supported me and my efforts more than I could have ever imagined.

So, with that in mind...

Things Left To Complete This Woggy Project:
  • archive all previously posted interior designs
  • add pdfs of all F&T blueprints to the ID page
  • remove all non-sustainable material from F&T supporter page
  • remove lyrics feature from music page, or replace w/ a Chad-made revolving widget
  • remove comment box from music page
  • compile all interesting comments from various pages, guestbook, etc. into a text file
  • remove guestbook
  • remove all shoutboxes & comment boxes
  • add a "comments" section with comments from the saved text file
  • create 2 FAQs for bottom of what's new page (1 for Pippi & 1 for Hermita)
  • remove all non-ageless polls
  • remove all non-ageless house ads
  • archive any remaining news updates
  • in place of news sections, put some more ageless text, including relevant links
  • create final news updates for all relevant pages, and upload photos (archive if neccessary)
  • post notices encouraging users to submit content and comments via ACC PT or gmail
  • update members & supporters list
  • Change home page to reflect changes
  • Update What's new page with the latest changes (remove after a month or 2)
  • Mail site members an update email, also explaining changes.

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